Direct market access for retail investors?

To put it in simple words for you, I was talking of the scenario where the Exchange takes over the role of Brokerage House (with DMA), so if you assume that is equating the Broker & Exchange, then it speaks volumes about your understanding, nothing left to say.

Using block chain to cut off intermediaries is not something that is far off… its closer than we think…

Most of the regulatory returns brokerages file is about how they have handled clients money and how much volume of business they did vis-a-vis the funds they had with exchanges… There will be no need for this retruns if traders/investors are allowed direct market access.

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I was referring to this buddy. If it doesn’t mean that i take back! :slight_smile:

As I said above, you have elementary comprehension issues.

Kindly re-read the section of mine which you have quoted & it will be clear. Exchange taking over the services provided by the Broker at present does not mean they are being equated.

Equating 2 things come into picture when you compare 2 similar / equivalent things, but here the services provided by the 2 entities (Exchange & Broker) are completely different.

You’re most welcome not to take back anything, for some people like ‘All-in-One’ Monsters & prefer to keep all their eggs in 1 basket.

Even if it become direct market I still hope that we will have companies like zerodha to make platform like Kite.

They can charge of using their platform.

Platforms like NSE Now do not have greate user experience and interface.

I have 4-5 trading account and no one listen to their user. They can’t even hire good developers and UI designers.

This is not just about trading platforms. Top banks like SBI, HDFC does not have good Interface for their net banking apps.

BTW, Do you hire developers or use third party service providers to create and maintain zerodha platforms.

Can you tell me which programming language is used to create kite ?

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Sorry buddy I misunderstood you! I thought you were equating both by saying that an exchange takes a retail client for a task that you really need to complain.