Direct MF Investing via COIN - Plat form Charges

Hai Nitin,

I have joined with Zerodha 2 months before and started my Investment journey (Direct investment & MF’s also). I have the following doubts on the COIN Platform.

Say I am investing 5000 Rs per month in direct Mutual Funds through COIN.

As per your terms, For first 25000 INR there is no platform charges and after that 50Rs/Month will be charged. In my case for the first 5 Months i will not be charged anything and remaining 7 months i will be charged 50 per month. Totally 350 Rs per month. This is i understood.

I have the following clarifications,

  1. Yearly platform charges of Rs.600 is comes around 1% of the total investment (600/60,000)*100=1%. Can i avoid this 1% if i directly invest through the AMC’s website? What is the benefit provided by COIN over the AMC’s online investment? Please clarify

  2. The Limit of 25000 Rs is for every year OR only for the first time? Only for the first year investment? Please clarify

  3. The charges of 50/ Month is standard right irrespective of the Current value of my investment. Even my Investment values goes UP also the same 50 Rs will be charged till the end. It means 600 Rs/Year is the standard platform charges till the end right? Even if i invest for next 20 Years, 600 Rs/year will not change right? Please clarify

  4. Is there any chance of increasing the platform charges in future?

  5. I have taken a ELSS Type MF from AXIS MUTUAL FUNDS directly from their bangalore office. Can i transfer to COIN? Is ti possible?

Need your valuable inputs on the above.


Hi @Sampath_89

When the cumulative investment crosses 25k charges are rs50/- per month regardless of any number of funds you invest. In your case for 1st year you will be charged 350rs for 7 months.

  1. If your calculating as 5k per month its 60000rs in year you investment in Mutal funds.And coin platform doesnot charge 1% if you even invest 50k per month in funds ie 6lacs rs in a year. but still the charges remain the same.
  1. YES charges are standard irrespective of the Current value of investment. Yes you opt for 20 years charges remain the same as of now.
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