Direct Mutual fund

Hello All,

I have been contemplating to use mutual fund as investment but unable to select any mutual fund partially.

Can somebody suggest me how to divide my capital in various mutual fund asset. Equity or debt or hybrid, with high risk mindset.

@rohan_sunki You also need to mention time horizon for which you want to be invested in.

Do you have 3 months of living expenses stacked away as emergency corpus?
Do you have adequate term insurance?
Have you taken medical insurance for yourself and dependents?
Do you have existing debt like auto loan, student loan or home loan?

How did you evaluate about having high- risk mindset?

I am 22 and working from past 1 year and four months.
My time horizon is 6 month to one year.
I would like to invest in SIP.

  1. I’m working professional, so should not be problem with daily expenses.
  2. I work in a MNC as an IT professional so term insurance and medical insurance is taken care atleast for 6 month(I may switch to other company).
  3. I don’t have any loan or debt.

Considering the above and adding my 6 month of trading experience in equities I consider mindset high risk.

@rohan_sunki Rohan Congratulations for making a fantastic start. How I wish I did the same :wink:

Please do not take my questions otherwise, its just for me to understand before I suggest recommendations.

Rohan since your time horizon is 6 months to 1 year, then Liquid Fund would be apt. Look at Quantum Liquid fund Direct option Growth and see how it fits you.

High risk is better taken for a long-term view rather than short-term as the principal invested might get affected due to volatility.

Thanks you for the advice.
Have you researched about Quantum MF.
if yes, can you give me comprehensive summary of this
fund. Will be helpful.

Read this

I like to call it the KUNDALI of the fund.

Not a long enough duration for a SIP to work its magic. SIPs work only when you give your investments time to grow say 5+ years. If your time horizon is anything less than a year - Liquid funds like someone suggested is your best bet. if you want extreme risk then try a smallcase, but there no SIPs only lumpsum investments. You can check out the app by @Balance_Team to invest in a Liquid fund.

@VinTrade Thanks for the link. Will check out.

@Sanket I have lumpsum and would add money through SIP. I have check out small case before but was reluctant to use. Will check out again.