Discrepancy in AWI smallcase and actual credits to Demat

I have invested into the All Weather Investing Smallcase.

I see a discrepancy in what the Smallcase Dashboard indicates as the dividend earned by the Liquidbees with the actual dividend credited into the Demat account as seen from the CDSL app.

I have been trying to follow it up with the support team of smallcase since November 28th. Unfortunately, they seem to not have answer for it till date. My queries are either met with “thank you for sharing the screenshot. I’ll get it checked” or the team is busy with rebalances. :frowning: Not the response one would hope from a platform so popular.

I would like to know how the smallcase team calculates the dividend component in its dashboard, especially for the liquidbees ETF? Are these numbers reliable and accurate? If yes, why doesn’t the same reflect in the statement seen via CDSL? Would some dividends be held by the broker (Zerodha) as expenses?

Here is the screenshot as seen today on CDSL.

Here is the screenshot as seen from Smallcase Dashboard.

Clearly, there is a difference of 5 rupees dividend.

It would be great if anyone here could have some insight into what exactly is happening here.


Hi Kshiteesh.

The smallcase chat/support team including Gowri have no answer as of today. That’s why I have posted the issue here hoping that some from the trading community or Zerodha or Smallcase team could share some insight here.

Hi Nishanth! :wave:t3:

We’re sorry to hear this, but I believe we had reached out to you yesterday to give you an update on the potential reasons as to why this is happening and addressed other queries you had with respect to SIP and fees & taxes. Anything you’d like us to elaborate on based on our chat yesterday? Or perhaps you had posted this prior to the conversation we had yesterday.

The team is doing a deep dive into this, we should have another update on the root cause - we’ll make sure to ping you on this thread as well as in the chat you have opened.

I understand it has been a while since you first pinged us, but since there is dependency on several parties in reviewing rare cases like the one you brought to our notice, we might not be able to get back as fast as we would have liked, but nonetheless, we have all hands on deck working to resolve this at the earliest and we’ll keep you posted with any developments, as we have done so far.

@Kshiteesh_Saralaya Thanks for the ping :slight_smile:

Hi Gowri,

Yes, I had posted this prior to the yesterday’s conversation.

Will look forward to the updates on this issue.


Janta ko bhi bata do why there is a discrepancy…this is open forum.



The issue that we faced with the discrepancy in dividends for Liquid Bees has been fixed permanently now.

Here are the reasons on why this happenned initially:

At any point, we would not have direct access to your CDSL account to sync your smallcase values with the units in your CDSL account. So we couldn’t show the exact ones in the platform directly. We calculate the value considering the data from the Reliance site as well as with the Liquid Bees on what they allocate on daily basis.

Having said that, the data that we get might not be accurate at the source itself. Else, while calculating the dividends for each units with the long fractional values, a difference might have arised here. We had made a auto detect algorithm to check and correct the error, which we have applied and this will be corrected henceforth.