Discrepancy in charts


Hi, I see a huge discrepancy in the chart data.

Here’s an example.
Market depth values (Actual) doesn’t match with the chart data! in most of the cases!

Hourly chart of Nifty, which says OPEN = 9921.5

Market depth of Nifty, which says OPEN = 9936.8 (Which is correct as per NSE website)

Can you identify why is this happening? I have raised the concern with Zerodha customer case long back, but have got no response at all.

@nithin hope you get it corrected!


The chart seems correct in a non-Zerodha platform


This has been answered here:


Thank you for sharing the link. So the problem is with Zerodha’s charting style only. While other brokers are able to use proper data and need not have to wait till 1AM to get the correct charting. Am I right?


The opening price we plot based on the tick we receive. I am guessing that is how everyone else will be doing - they might correct the open price after that. Checking on this.