Discrepancy in holdings section


Infy had declared bonus shares lastly which reflected in the Holdings section. But it has messed up the price. When enquired with Zerodha about the price at which the bonus shares were allotted they are not in a position to tell the same. Their response is the backend has taken care of the pricing but it will take another 2 weeks to reflect in the Holdings section. Wonder if i had asked about a month later still their response would had been the same. The bonus shares were allocated in last Sep-Oct…Did anybody else face this issue. To enter the trade manually we need the price of the bonus share.


Actually you don’t even need to change enter any trade price, just keep it as it is. This is an known issue after any stock split, bonus etc and nothing has been done about it for ages. For tracking your PnL you can use your own calculation, taking into account your earlier average price.


Infosys last traded price cum bonus was on 3 September 2018 as 1434 so one can do manual feed as 717 as the quantity doubled from 04 September OR if need for PnL purpose just half your purchase price on 04 september.