Disruption in banking is long overdue

The expected disruption in Banking sector is not happening the way It should, (except in Payment systems) , literally not much transparency in any top names,

I strongly think Zerodha can fill the vacuum , and do the much required disruption , off course there are regulatory obstacles but still it can pursue or is there any idea already going inside @zerodha @nithin

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What do you want? A bank which has 24x7 live stream of board room for transparency?


One of the things that has helped us until now has been that we have been focused on one core problem to solve. Thankfully which is also the core competency of the team. We intend to continue focusing on this and not digress.

Of course once you are the size of Reliance and all, you can start going after multiple things. But we are still far away from being at a stage where we can take on another really big problem statement to solve.

Btw, some really sharp boys are now trying to solve for the banking problem. Sachin Bansal with Navi (full fledged Bank), Jiten Gupta with Jupiter (Neo Bank), and others. The banking landscape is going to be quite different in 3 to 4 years from now.


Since you asked I am listing out some i experienced.
1.There are 20+ different type of Debit cards where they even charge 10000+ per year in some-case , 20+ different card for what to confuse whom?, they promise something at first and they wont honer that later year, there are incentives to executives to push these debit/credit cards to customers.
2.One of the top 3 Pvt bank offer loans @online to working professionals , but you cannot foreclosure online , there is only one branch in entire state to foreclose it, buy you can get loan @ any branch or even online but they discourage to foreclose it even we are ready to pay penalty
3.They constantly push investment plan (ULIP, and other endowment plans) to their customer , they prefer Insurance related investment plan over other MFs solely bcos insurance products gives them more incentives , they tell a lot of lies about return.

any how which bank you use, so that i can try?:upside_down_face:

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