Dividend Related Queries

Hello, I’ve few questions regarding the dividends:

  1. Will company give dividends if it’s in Loss?

  2. Some companies don’t pay dividends, is there any SEBI regulations that companies have to pay its dividends?

  3. If companies not paying dividends what else they do for their shareholders?

  4. Many times I hear some companies payout healthy dividends (Eg: BHEL) what does it actually mean?

  5. Is it possible to find out which company will pay dividends to its shareholders prior its record date?

Thank you so much for taking look at my query, and helping! :grinning:

@ShubhS9 can u?

Sometimes a company can pay dividends even if it is making losses.

It is not obligatory for a company to pay dividends.

Can’t actually pin point the reason but maybe to keep shareholders happy.

You can keep eye on press releases from companies during earnings session, whenever company declares it’s results it is then that they announce if they will be paying dividends.

You can keep track of all Corporate Announcements on this BSE page.

Appreciate your response thank you so much!