Dividends not reflecting in bank account or ledger entry

hi team,

i purchased ntpc shares as part of ofs settlements
30/08/2017 EQ OFS Settlement Value for 2017018 ₹18,373.66
then there was a dividend payout of Rs 2.17 per share with effective date as 07/09/17. The announcement date for the same was 01/6/17.

Why was the dividend of Rs 250 not yet reflecting in my ledger or in my bank account linked. What do i have to do ?


Haven’t you received the dividend directly in your bank account? Write to [email protected] for more clarity

Hi Srinivas,

Thanks for your prompt reply. Now that , you mentioned i went through the past statements for last 4 months, and i do see the amount in my account. I was expecting a message for that, which i did not receive and hence there was the confusion. Nevertheless, thank you for your clarification.

I had opened one more query, hopefully i will get a reply soon.


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