Dmart alloted. Next step?

DMart shares alloted to me have been credited. Just received the SMS. Will kite show my shares tomorrow automatically? Right now q is not showing my shares.

Yes, it will be visible in your holdings, but you have to add the allotment price manually as we have no way of determining it. Follow these steps to add the price.

When can I expect the allotted shares to be shown under discrepant holdings

Hi wreslinga2
Asking just out of curiosity - how many lots have you subscribed? Because me, and other two friends have subscribed to the IPO, and none have got any! Even one of us has subscribed fully to the allowed limit of 2 lakhs for retail investors (13 lots in this case)

I applied for 100 shares in my father’s account and 300 shares for myaccount. Got alloted 1 lot in my zerodha account. I applied within 2 hours of the opening of the issue. Many in my office also didn’t received any. I think the chance for retail was 25%. Beginners luck. :grinning:

Hello Bro,

Can you please let me know how you have applied IPO through Zerodha Account. As far as my knowledge, Zerodha doesn’t support applying IPO.

Thanks in advnced

Thanks, Dear! Yes, it was pure luck, 100% returns in 10 days (on the listing day) only happens by luck :joy:

Hi I had been alloted 50 shares of Dmart.
It was showing in Kite . I clicked on EXIT and it picked up correct qty of 50 and I entered sell limit order at 565 and it got executed.
However now in Kite , in Positions > Open Positions > it shows -50 qty ( Product type CNC ) and also in funds margin used as -28300 odd.
What shall I do now , I dint want to short but intended to square off.
Also I dint use add discrepant qty using Q back office. Read the procedure now.
Does this mean I am short , if yes how to make it as square off ?
Thank you

Hey it is okay Shri, the day you sell holdings it shows up in positions, it will go away from there by end of day.

The reason it shows up in positions is because it gives an option for intraday traders to exit it. Check this video on exit orders, explains the same.

Thank you so much for such a swift response.
I was getting worried whether I had shorted it…
Thank you.

i applied via sbi internet banking. under eservices there is an option for ipo. you have to fill out the demat details and the bank blocks the amount till allotment.