Do any one have 'YTC price action trader' Vol 6 book?


Hi all,

If any one having ‘YTC Price Action Trader Vol 6’ Book, Kindly send me mail id : .I want to learn Price action.I searched on internet and came to know this is the best book to learn Price Action.This is too costly to Buy .Or any one want to learn Price action and want to buy it ,then we can buy it in share.Please comment here.


This book is too much costly , not sure why? i think better choice would be with some standard edition books with professional authors.


Still interested in YTC 6th volume? if so mail me at


Lance Beggs’ blog covers most of his trading methodology. But you will have to dig really deep to get what you are looking for.


Hey do you still have the vol 2 and vol 5, can you pls share.


In case someone is still looking for those volumes, here are all of 6 volumes + FAQ 2 volumes:


Thanks for sharing dude