Do commodities rise/fall at specific times during the day?

I have seen several people on the internet saying that liquid commodities futures contracts such as Crude, NG, gold and silver show sharp upward/downward movement at a specific time of the day. I have observed charts for the last few weeks and it seems to work that way for many of the days. However I want to hear from someone who has a much longer experience of day-trading commodities if this is the case for several years. I am talking about specific time of the day on most days, and not just on days when inventory data comes out. I have also observed that the liquidity and price action is higher in the evening time. Has that always been the case?



There is No Such Thing as Specific Time for a Commodity Price to Rise or Fall during a trading day. What you are observing from your charts is related to the variation in price movement and volume increase at opening time of the New York market. This is the Evening Time in India you are talking about.

You can make price of any Commodity to Rise or Fall any day, whenever you want to - Sell for price to Rise and Buy for price to Fall …!

There are certain times you need to watch out:

1. Major movement in Natural Gas every Thursday at 10:30am EST when Natural Gas Storage Indicator - EIA Report is released.

2. Major movement in Crude after release of Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Crude Oil Inventories figures.