Do I get short dilivery penalty ?

I have three questions

1-Today I bought 112 shares of poonawalla in CNC but due to fall in price I sold them with in few minutes with out converting them to MIS.

Also I had 240 shares of same company in my Dmat Account (holding) which I sold due to fall in price.
Can I held liable to any dilivery shortfall penalty or any other kind of penalty?
(I am attaching screenshot for the same)

2- My second question is How did zerodha inform someone who are liable to pay Dilivery shortfall penalty or any other penalty?

3-where in Kite App or Zerodha app one can find the amount of penalty is imposed upon him/her.


If you have taken position in CNC, you don’t have to convert it to MIS to squared-off. You have to place order in same product type to squared-off the position.

Even if you are using CNC, buying and selling on same day will be intraday trade only.

In your case, this won’t lead to short delivery.

Nope. There won’t be any penalty.

If there is short delivery, you will get an email on your registered email ID.

If there is any penalty, it’ll be posted on ledger on Console. Also, in case of short delivery, exchange holds auction on T+1 day, so once the auction is conducted, you will also get contract note. You can learn about short delivery here:

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