Do not exercise in option trade on the money expiry...!

Any one explain me I bought bank nifty 25200PE @ 10 and kept for expiry. And it closed 25195. 100 units will STT charged for me or Do not exercise option default available in ZERODHA? please clarify me…

Any one clarify…

If STT is more than the profit, option will not be exercised.

Thanks a lot for the clarification…


Can you please answer this?

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by default if STT is higher than the settlement value , it wont be exercised… this is what zerodha guys told and someoen can confirm @siva
STT is 32points and the settlement value is 5 points … so it wont be exercised

did you buy 100 lots … ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


3Lots 120 units… Thanks

You are right.