Do salaried who do both day trading and investing in short term/long term equity need to pay advance tax?

If X is salaried person who paid tax by employer already, but he does day trading(Equity trading) and Investing in stocks for long term/short term and have stcg.


Salary+ STCG from stocks+ day trading(loss/profit) needs to pay advance tax? or file the same in IT returns ?

I believe you have to pay advance tax if day trading or fno.
You can read in detailed from below link… @nithin sir very well explained.

I have read already, still have confusion, i did little day trading with losses, and very little stcg in short term investing of stocks but confused with advance tax part?

filling itr and paying tax is different, advanced tax was introduced for businesses to reduce their tax load, only if you show your trading income as business income ( intraday or fno) and your tax liabilities exceeds 10k, you can pay advanced tax.
go to cleartax website and ask your query, they are very helpful in solving all these matters on calls and mails.