Do sebi banned trading tips?

is giving tips regarding trading is banned by sebi.
is it not allowed anywhere via msgs, social networks etc…

Technically, only SEBI registered Research Analysts are allowed to give buy/sell recommendations. You can check out this pdf if you want to learn more about Research analysts.

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thanks for ur info @Kshiteesh_Saralaya
but in money control website, i used to see each and every person used to give recommendations…

How old are you?


A lot of people on the internet via blogs, videos etc, provide recommendations without being SEBI registered RAs. It wouldn’t be wise to act on this.

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@VigeVet better develop your own views and own ideas in this market, take help and cues from others, but at end of day its your trade and your view

At any point you should have a view first of all what Nifty will do in coming future , and based on that drill down to stock specific views

If you make loss on others views, u will abuse them. And this will continue until you are bankrupt.

If you make loss on your view, you improve your strategy for next time and dont make the mistake. So chances of becoming bankrupt are less, as u try to take better trades next time.

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@VigeVet one more thing, even if I tell one good trade to you and to some other person, its possible u make loss and they make profit

Becoz the stock may do up down up down movement, and hit your stop loss. Because your capital is less. But some other person who holds the trade ends up making profit.

So even the same view doesnt work for everyone

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thanks a lot @Newbie420

Ur Info. is one of the best lesson to follow