Do u really think its a BULL.... Naa... Look again

Is it a Bull… Naa… Look again.

Guys let’s be clear it is NOT a bull… It’s a DINASOUR pattern . The deadly T-Rex type. That is a problem …Why

You need to just recollect history. I mean look what scientists have been saying about what happened very very very long time ago (or else you may watch land before timeline).

Dinosaurs were thought to be most powerful creatures on earth and almost crowned as rulers of the earth. But… what happened next is history. Suddenly out-of-nowhere asteroids came dashing down & killed them all.

So how long this Nifty T-rex will survive?


This bought smile on my face! :grinning:

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Someone said about vomiting camel pattern few days ago and now dinosaurs.

How high are u right now?


I am really wondering , what might be OHLC data which is forming eyes of T-REX…:thinking:

Dinasour will be dead by June 2018, then new intelligent species will evolve.

You know camel was saved. Dinosaurs went extinct. Who will save it?

“Highs” are reserved for sunday when I do fundamental analysis. For technical, you don’t need it

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Cud u really see that asteroid hurtling down. How sure r u it will hit specifically on June’18. Any reasons?

I feel ya bro. Totally agree. This nifty nigga is going to go full on extinct. Nobody can save the b**** a**

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Bears, somehow hv to make the Indian Pappu to dance well in Gujarat or the foreign Pappu to dance crazy during SK-NK border visit. Otherwise, as usual till budget2018, they will loose their DESTIny n MONEY!!!

Reagarding the pattern, probably @haribabu wub be able to see something else(like shark last time), In case he is free from getting repaired after diwali, though!


You think “we bare bears” are calm,cuddly & funny. Nooooh…We are born to be wild

Although at the moment we are just chilling out & waiting for the asteroid

Not so sure about technical analysis but your artistic skills are surely improving :+1:. Endangered T-Rex is more clearly visible then the vomiting Camel


In next week horn would grow in Trex head …

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Horn on T-Rex …hmmm… u mean Unicorn !!! Wow… that would be interesting…

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You are an Artist!

This should be make in India new logo

:joy: Do u really want “Make in India” to be a dinosaur that disappeared?

I dedicated this rally to progress of India…