Do we get transaction receipt from CDSL when we do BTST?

I purchased some shares of NCC on Friday and on Monday the price went quite up. So i sold them on Monday. When i researched online, i came to know that there is risk of short selling in BTST. I’m afraid now. It’s been Wednesday and I haven’t got any transaction mail from services.cdslindia. What it means? Do I have to pay penalty now?

Shares get credited to your Demat account on T+2 days (In your case Friday T-Day, Monday T+1 and Tuesday T+2) then only you get mail from CDSL. Since you did BTST, in such scenario shares don’t get credited to your Demat account, that is why no mail from CDSL.

NCC is fairly liquid scrip, it shouldn’t come to short delivery.

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Thanks shubh.