Do you believe you can make money from the stock market?

Most of the people I have talked to have a negative and depressing image about the stock market. My belief is that the precursor to success is the belief that one can be successful. It would be nice to know what you guys think. So I ask,

Do you believe you can make money from the stock market ?

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Yes, I truly believe stock market is the best, transparent avenue for retail investors like me to own businesses which I can only dream off. Where in the world do we get this option of being owners of business such as TCS, HUL and others . As a shareholder I am eligible for profits that the company will make.

Yes. Owning businesses is the best option of making money.


Yes, anyone can make money, if u have that knowledge then it is very good then u can study the companies & make, for this u need to Shell out your own time. Another one is if u don’t have time for that, then brokers advisor can give you their tips, they even have their own research reports for various companies.


Even in a stock market forum 29/32 believing in the power of stock market is great and refreshing.

On my part I am taking ordinary guys around me and turning them in to systematic mechanical traders. The tax paying bracket in our country is ready for equity, f&o etc. They deserve better than bonds. We just need to show them a well directed path to stock market success. More the number of successful traders / investors more will be the influx of people in to the market. Those who are in will stay if they have venerable results to reflect upon.

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yes making money in stock market is sure possible by trading and investing both
It all depends on your skill , knowledge and how much effort you are giving in market …
if you are coming into markets thinking to make quick money through stock market then i dont think in long term is possible

I believe I can make money. In short I have already start making money through stocks and Crypto trading. The last few years trading wasn’t easy. The learning and everything wasn’t easy but trust me stock market is goldmine and I have been reaping heavily from it. Be rest assured that nothing comes easy, be persistent. Preserve and finally you’ll get to see the goldmine in stocks. My portfolio is way too profitable and I’m so happy. That my strategy is working.

Happy new year guys

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It’s great to hear that you have a positive perspective on the stock market, despite the negative image that many people hold. Your belief that a positive mindset is a precursor to success is definitely an important factor in achieving financial goals.


Crypto is like a lottery. I have a small amout parked in cryptos. I am absolutely ok to loose it. But if luck does find me I may hit a jackpot.

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