Documentation of different income tax sections


This is my first year of filing ITR 2. After hearing a lot about “pre-filled ITR”, I hoped all I have to do is confirm tge entries and submit. That’s why left for so long and tried to do it myself.

I couldn’t be more wrong, as nothing was filled at all. Even though most (not all) of the details were available in AIS, those were not part of the form itself. And few values were wrong in AIS itself, even though 26AS showed correct values. Anyway, that’s just the context and not my actual question.

In the end, I managed (at least I hope so) to provide all details of salary and mutual funds (equity oriented and otherwise) in the form. But there were lots of issues figuring what goes under what schedule and what section. For example, I certainly was not familiar with 111A or 112A or etc., and it was not clear at all where to provide details of debt mutual funds. So, in preparation for future years, and this year in case I get a notice for not filing correctly, is there anywhere I can look up to as a reference for what goes under what part of the form, and vice versa, what section/schedule is for what type of income as a summary for layman?

Thanks in advance.

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@Quicko can you assist @Yarnabrina with this query?