Does a name mismatch between the Zerodha account and the linked bank account create issues for fund withdrawals?

Do withdrawals get affected if my name in the Zerodha account is different from my name in the bank account linked to Zerodha?

No, withdrawals are unaffected even if there is a name mismatch between your Zerodha account and your linked bank account. This is only a common misconception.
Banks initiate credits based on the payee’s bank account number and IFSC code. The bank does not verify the account holder name before initiating a fund transfer.

Note: The name in your Zerodha account is updated as per the Income Tax department and the name in your bank account is updated as per PAN. This is a matter of compliance followed by the two parties. Bank credits are independent of the name.


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But in may case zerodha was saying name mismatch was happening so I was unable to withdraw funds…