Does amibroker have no order flow module?

i have never come across an amibroker afl that makes use of order flow elements. is it even possible to have/view order flow data in amibroker assuming i subscribe to premium data from authorised data vendors like esignal/interactive brokers/gdfl/…

Due to memory issue, Amibroker AFL will most likely not be able to use order flow elements.

Anyways as suggested please explain in brief to have it checked more on this.



(Authorized vendor of NSE supporting realtime data feeds to Amibroker, Metastock and Ninjatrader)

please explain in brief.

AFAIK, there is no DOM(price ladder) in amibroker. Does anyone have a workaround for this? am really surprised why such a widely used software has no order flow module. if you want an example see this:
just like pi has snapquote, what does ami have?

so neotrade wont be able to provide the data akin to whats available on pi’s snapquote window, inside of amibroker? so ami has no snapquote equivalent of pi?

snapquote of best 5 bid and ask is not available as of now.

thanks,precisely what i wanted to know. so ami simply lacks one very important function.