Does anyone as a Zerodha client experienced exposing of the trading details through Zerodha RMS/backsupport?

Right now, I am a client with RKGlobal broker. I have issue with them that my trading details are getting exposed by the Franchisee/agents at the local branch in Bangalore as they get access to the RMS/BackSupport.

I would like to become a Zerodha Client. Before that, I would like to hear comments from Nitin on how the above nuisance is avoided at Zerodha.

  • The way we work is completely online, and none of the clients ever visit our office where the dealing desk is situated.
  • No one at the Zerodha team has any brokerage targets, so there is no incentive for anyone to check any persons trade details for any reason. 
  • We have a telephone PIN as an additional check to ensure no details are revealed to anyone else.

We have over 40000 clients today, and no one on the support team gets any opportunity to track an individual clients position or performance. Hopefully this helps, but if it is a Zerodha specific question do ask the same on


There should also be an alternative way to change this PIN from the new backoffice?

PIN is autogenerated, so you can request from support to know your PIN if you have forgotten, which will be then sent as an SMS to your registered phone number

Thanks Nithin for answering the query. I would become Zerodha client for sure.