Does anyone know how many F&O listed companies announce their quarterly results during market hours ( 9. 15 to 3. 30)?

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I ask the same Q but nobody knows it. You can know the date but no result announcement timings. It will be far better if the companies announceĀ their result timings with dates. It will helpĀ retail tradersĀ toĀ take position regarding result.

But it wont happen ...

Don't you think SEBIĀ and Exchanges already think about it but they don'tĀ tell companies to announce timings. Even nobody knows except the Directors of company whether the result is within market hours or after market hours.

Reason ... Retail traders stay away.Ā Let the Insiders make profit.Ā 


Moreover the same companies may declare the results at different times. For example, check when did Infosys declare its results in the last 4-5 quarters? It has declared just after market opening, before market opening, after market hours, etc. Though few companies always declare results after market hours.

Right friendā€¦its upto SEBI to create such kind of facilities for retail tradersā€¦

yes you are right thats why there is always confusion about taking positions,ā€¦ We already have lost opportunity to enter into trade till We come to know the resultsā€¦