Does anyone know when will Vedanta declare results

@siva For quarter ending March 31 2020 when will Vedanta declare results ?
and to my understanding results will not be good correct?

For any stocks is there any reliable source to find when is the results date?

Any companies have to declare results in certain time frame after quarter ends?
if yes how many days/months they have before which they must declare results?

They don’t seem to have announced the date yet.

I usually refer to this link to get the dates of forthcoming results.

SEBI regulations require that the Quarterly/Annual results be declared within 45 days/60 days from the end of the quarter/financial year but in light of the prevailing Covid 19 situation, has increased the timeline by another 45 days and 1 month respectively. New due dates for declaring Quarterly and Annual results is June 30,2020. Here’s the SEBI circular.

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On kite, tickertape show Event there days prior to any corporate actions/results etc.

Siva, this is not reliable, many times it doesn’t show ‘Events’ as is highlighted in your example. Tomorrow is Kotak Bank results but it is not showing ‘Events’ (in highlighted blue color) in Kite web.
And this is not a standalone case, there have been many cases when there were results but it didn’t notify, It didn’t notify about ICICI bank results or IndusInd Bank or Axis Bank results and many more.

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@Tickertape Can you check,please.

NSE __corporate infortion-----result calender.There you will find the reliable info on financial result or dividend or any other corporate actions.
2 answer -according to SEBI, Company have to declare result of 4th quarter within span of 60 days after end of quarter,and for other quarters time line is 45 days.

I checked few websites including BSE you suggested but I could not find BHEL or PFC results date…so there is no rule about advance announcement as to on what date they will declare result?