Does option selling works this way?

Sold call option at 18 and bought at 10 (profitable position) and Sold put option at 12 and bought at 20 (profitbale position) am i right both are profitbale to me??im new to options

Only rule, Profile = Selling price - Buying price.

In order to get profit your selling price must be higher than buying price.

Thus, you are right in first case while wrong in second one.

Also, try to get more insight about option treading before you start shorting them.


you made a profit on first trade 18-10=8
loss on the second trade with put option 12-20=-8

Assuming you traded both call and put options on the same stock/index, your net loss is just the brokerage and the service tax that you paid for both the trades

for profit not in option, but anywhere in world
in buying: selling target must be high
and in short selling : buying target must be low