Does Sebi want to kill the market?

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Creating a simple poll in light of what we all know is happening.

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I want more people to vote

Other markets are even more stringent

How? Give examples. Enlighten me.

We need to have some minimum amount to short options in US markets.
7/8 years back i had account with smith Barney ( for my ESOPs and ESPP ) , to short options we need to have cleared some exam

SEBI is doing great job by increasing the margin required for F&O. Hopefully from November 2018 retailer will stop loosing money in chunks and participation in cash segment will increase.

Retailer will still lose money. They won’t lose much but they won’t make much either. And we all wish participation increased but lmao what kind of logic is, “Let’s have people pay more money, that’s definitely gonna increase participation.” Like you don’t what the hell you are taking about. Honestly, SEBI supporters are retarded. They are the loss making traders. Because seriously if you are profitable, why would you want your profits to reduce. And you guys can’t control your losses, so you had to have sebi barge in and stop the bleeding. You are the weak ones. Faggots lmao seriously.

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This I have to research but if that’s it, it’s still better than sebi tbh. I’d really to know more about the point you have made as to how foreign markets are stricter. So please do give me more examples if you have some.

Aao kabhi haveli pe :slight_smile:

And thanks of using couple of nice words.


You don’t have an argument. What sebi is doing hurts everyone’s business and if volumes drop, that’s killing the market, objectively. There’s no two ways about it. I am waiting for the day volumes actually drop because then I would be right and you faggots would be so terribly wrong. I wanna feel so miserable for you. You guys can’t get anywhere. And I am going to court. Imagine I win. Then what? I am gonna say this to the media directly and I am gonna take your names that yes, I was right all along and you were wrong. You can’t escape if that happens. Seriously, feel ashamed of yourself.

my point is SEBI is trying to protect retail from tradong or over trading …
they are not going to them investing …

i can understand what sebi is doing and IMHO stricter rules to trade are really good for the retail…
perhaps you can google about it

volume might go down a bit , ad brokers will get affected …
but on the other hand retail traders will be saved …

if someone depends too much on margins to make money , they can either lose less or gain slowly…

perhaps you can explain how retail is going to get affected because of this SEBI’s stricter rules

It’s not needed tbh. You are right. We are sacrificing the gains of profitable traders to mitigate losses of the rest. But I believe there’s a better, simpler way to do this. We need to think of a way that would mitigate losses without sacrificing profitability. And I have indeed thought of a way. Well I believe, higher margin requirements should be imposed on those who are prone to losses. So basically, what I am suggesting is a driving license model. That those who are new to trading would have higher margins imposed on them and those who are experienced can trade with normal margin. What do you say?

best thing is to have some basic test and if they clear then they should be allowed to trade in F&O…
believe me there are people who buy or sell options without even knowing what they are doing …

variable margins can be implemented from the brokers end , but this will make it even more complex…

Or this could happen but yeah blanket restrictions are regressive and not the answer.

Don’t fight guys. Wait till September 18th and we will get to know whats gonna happen.

But if government brings in some stringent measures, it would be very difficult for retail traders to digest, but have to live with that.

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One thing I dont understand is why SEBI is bringing all these rules one after the other so soon?

Rectifying a thing even if logical should be done in phased manner, they should not bring out 20 changes in one year.

I guess some top management changed in SEBI recently?

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this article is from 2016

Shravan don’t worry soon sebi is going to ban ur cash segment also in name of networth. They may not ban but say u can buy shares of Rs 1 lac only

Rest money keep in FD or if that also is banned keep inside house bricks

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Don’t think they will apply net worth rule now… they have already increased margin too much

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