Does Trade Rocket work with V4 version of Streak

I have heard that it only works with V3 and isn’t accepting alerts in V4


It works fine, I have been using this for the last 4-5 days.


yaa, works like a charm for me too @SystematicChaos

you can try it with small qty on some stock to gain confidence, that is how i started :slight_smile:


how are people trading using streak.

So far i have not found a single strategy on streak that gives any positive alpha.

people are just generating money for brokers and govt using this platform.


Streak doesn’t provide strategies but is an intermediary platform. You have to create strategies of your own to generate Alpha. People think that there are some holy grail strategies that will help, but it’s not like that.

I am fairly new but speaking just by my experience and what little I have learned. Open to altering my opinion if there you could explain and share better views on this.

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i majorly use it to backtest my ideas and it helps me to not pursue the ideas that have been performing miserably in the past. Only if i have a good idea that works, i can make money in the markets @trader_dude Not Streak or any other platform that promises you money in the market. If they do, its a signal to stay away from them :slight_smile:


@SystematicChaos check this out How to live trade with streak v4 (Automatic Trading) Algo Trading In India - YouTube

Works fine for me


Agreed. I’ve experienced this myself, they promise you a high percentage return in a very short period of time in the name of algo trading, and by the time you know it all your money is gone. I’ve learned that it’s your strategy idea that will make you money and not someone else’s. So it’s better to trust yourself than to trust others, at least when it comes to trading.

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Is it?
The backtest of the strategies that i created look promising with the brokerage included. If I get even half of the return in the live market and half are slippages still I’ll be happy :sweat_smile:

Thanks @Harshil_dave @trading_technicals @Foodietrader

I had one doubt, my laptop goes into sleep mode after a while. I know that Streak works on the cloud so my alerts are generated anyways, but does trade rocket work with Streak while the device is sleeping?

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really? how much alpha did your strategy generate?

just becoz a strategy makes money does not mean you will be profitable.

After all the taxes and charges , can your strategy beat simple buy and hold index fund strategy.

Even hedge funds are not able to beat index funds, so really curious to know how a retail algo trading platform can beat markets.

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You have to keep the device awake, or trade rocket doesn’t work. Mostly everyone who uses trade rocket uses the keep awake plugin. Keep Awake Plugin keeps the laptop awake. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t get your logic here, how will I not be profitable if my strategy is making money?

Also, I think that your assumption that the platform will make money is wrong. It is similar to saying that the brokerage platform itself will generate profit. How can that be?? Its an intermediary and it’s my strategy that will generate the income…isn’t it?

Strategy can make money, but the cost of trading will eat up everything and more.

The cost to trade is very very high in india.

The same strategy might be profitable after taxes and charges in other countries.

Retail algo trading platforms are designed to generate brokerage and they profit brokerage houses.

Ohh. Understood :+1: You got a point there, I have tried a fair share of strategies myself that look profitable but are actually loss-making after brokerage.

Streak actually has a brokerage toggle and views your returns after brokerage. My strategy returns after brokerage are also quite good…in the backtest at least.

I am forward to testing these strategies on the paper trade so let’s see what return I can make in live market. I’ll share my backtest result aftermarket, you can give any insights.

you see these days everyone has access to tons of data and fantastic backtesting tools.

I myself use python for backtesting and let me tell you it is extremely hard to find a strategy that gives consistently good small returns ,forget decent returns or big returns. The cost of trading is just crazy. its quite shocking. streak does not calculate stamp and other charges.

My testings shows about 20-50% is the cost of trading and its so disappointing that our govt squeezes the tits out of you. if you don’t believe, just look a retail day traders end of year account statement and you will be shocked to see how much you paid in taxes and other charges.

The reason is quite simple. it’s a competition. institutions can easily see your stops and hunt them. A simple level 2 visualizer is enough. Heck , even retail traders can see the stop these days. Also ,Institutions are much much better at managing risks than a typical retail trader.

Whatever edge you think you are going to find , will not last. Why? because all strategies are based on some events and patterns and everyone is looking for them. so someone somewhere will eventually find your particular pattern and trade against it. Now if you scale up your positions thinking your edge works. guess what ,you are in for a big surprise.

if you are lucky, your edge may work for a while, but don’t count on it.

All i can say is good luck. :slight_smile:

Now I 'am downright demotivated. It’s a cruel world that we live in. So what is your opinion ? should a retail trader keep quiet and just invest and leave trading aside?

We do have to give it to platforms like Streak and Zerodha are at least trying to do something for us(retail traders), in the Streak demo it self they say that we have to keep on changing and tuning strategies and indicators from time to time. Your words reminded me of that. Finding an edge is not easy but that pain has to be beared to make money i guess.

Hi everyone,

Does TradeRocket plugin work in Linux mint as well ? It works fine in Win10 but trying to see if it does in Linux mint, then I wont have to buy a new laptop.

If anyone has any info or experience on this…


Ofcourse you do have to give “it” to them, and they do take “it” from you. It’s called subscription fee and brokerage :wink:

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