Does zerodha sell information of its customers?


After sending the data to cdsl or nse how can zerodha have control who accesses that info?


Hi @ItsArjun,

Zerodha has made a notional loss of ₹100 crore since we went zero brokerage on equity delivery ( one place where most conventional brokerages charge pretty huge) so if like you said Zerodha were greedy, they could just hike up the brokerage.

Ethics is something Zerodha has been following, did you hear about data leak of Aadhar card holders from UIDAI? Did UIDAI the ultimate authority want this to happen? Nope, but some agents in between have done it, now Zerodha is just an intermediary involved in your trade, there are so many entities involved, CDSL BSE NSE it could be happening at anyone s end.



It seems Hunger Strike is the only option left for you, then? :stuck_out_tongue:
@ItsArjun Stop your paid adverts here. you are paid by Finvasia. I know this. Its Finvasia who has planted a trojan horse inside zerodha to hurt their reputation.
Now tell me how it feels swallowing own medicine. Indeed you are not paid by finvasia nor you are a agent. But I started accusing you freely. That was not fair at all.
@ranjan933 @ItsArjun Such data is so cheap in the market that it make no commercial chance to sell them. Its most probably some cheap employee of NSE,BSE, CDSL or Zerodha doing this.
@Nithin How about approaching authorities like Judiciary etc?


@maddy_Des @lindo Lol. am not paid by finvasia. am just a fan of Finvasia. Just look at their support team, no one is such responsive as them. and above that zero commissions. i want them to grow and counter these brokers who upon asking 100s of times to make Pi bug free they dint cared about fixing it. thats where my frustration lies.
and upon that, they are charging hidden charges like auto square off charges you 20 rupees. and their support team takes 4 hours to respond to your email. as opposed to Realtime on Finvasia via their Live chat.
I just want Finvasia to grow and Zerodha guys face their KARMA.


Because They(CDSL, NSE) are Big firms with huge responsibility, they wont take such risks.
These small firms like zerodha are not under Radar on suspicious activities. therefore high chances that zerodha sells these info.


Definitely, you are not paid by Finvasia. I am believing you like so so much now, believe me.

Yes, if you are saying they are big and they take responsibility then it must absolutely true!

Ya, dude Zerodha with 411796 is like really small. Bloody chor’s they are. We should definitely promote Finavasia together. What do you say we get matching t-shirts and maybe even boxer shorts which say Finvasia Rocks!

Yep, with 27 active clients, their support team is working extremely hard to be responsive.


:joy::joy: Finvasia have’nt yet started marketing yet. And zerodha is all over social media. which makes newbies like you attract towards them. and no doubt Finvasia has better support than Zerodha.
And Broker is not judged by its number of clients, but how well do they serve their clients.
Am pretty sure that zerodha’s Turnover must be in a Downtrend, as most of the Big players have already started ditching Zerodha.
Finvasia has been Awarded Benzinga Global Fintech Awards 2017 If you are literate you must be aware of what’s the level of this Award and Who Benzinga is.
Good luck for your Future Newbies.:smile:


It’s fine dude only time will tell who is the winner and who is the second winner.


where did you get this data???


@ItsArjun @Sanket
I am a customer of following brokerage firms (chronologically)

  1. Angel Broking
  2. Upstox
  3. Zerodha
  4. Finvasia
  5. Fyers
    So I can easily compare them. Lets start.

Fyers - I just checked their platforms on all-access demo id. Not a customer. They just hired 3rd party platforms. But those platforms are very very good. So they are good. They also copy Zerodha like 30-days challenge, thematic investing etc.

Upstox - They have one of the best trading platforms that are built in-house. Very responsive CC. Live chat. One can fall in love with them at first sight. You can have full access to their platforms without even login/register. They even copied zerodha’s tradingqna website.

Angel - your next door full brokerage firm. Good for beginners. Very good CC. Bad platforms. Only thing I use them because of their advanced charts. You can put indicators on charts without timeframe restrictions ie multi timeframe format. You can put 10 min EMA, MACD, RSI etc on 1 min candles etc.

Finvasia - I LOVE them. Got a shock of life after opening the account. They have No Leverages, No BO, CO, No trading platform. You need to use NOW. But they have way less Brokerage, transaction charges, no AMC etc. CC better only because no customers



Ok I am sold on Finavasia. Are we getting the matching T-shirts and Boxers or what?


Damn! What is it called?


It’s not yet as lively as tradingqna.
And I don’t know if Raghu or other people from admin entertain people there or not ( like we have a company of @nithin etc. here)
But here you go


Looks bland, thank you.


They have No Leverages, No BO, CO, No trading platform

They do have decent leverage (5X, 10X), and i as i guessed you are a newbie, as newbies tend to worry about leverage while Pro traders Doesnt even use leverages. They do have their own trading platforms. NSE NOW is the king of all the trading platforms.
And Finvasia allows to trade More stocks than zerodha does, zerodha doesnt allow to short sell most of the SmallCap stocks, while Finvasia does allows.
and if you want those fancy ones then Finvasia has “Scalpert” Platform. Check for more info.


They have 274 Users till date now.





I also face the same problem, if you have notice if you have visited any financial site (eg moneycontrol etc) that collect cookies on site then you definitely get this kind of Spamming Message. this is call “Behaviour tracking” . Google, FB or any ad publisher found that your are the person who intrested in this kind of subject. Now you are victim of Marketers they bought data and used as lead generation

Track Who Track you : install “Disconnect” addon in chrome, when you visit particular site you will get
your data sent to multiple site (on and average if you visit single site data pass to more than 8 site actively or mediator)

Solution : use any financial related site in “Cognito Mode” in chrome

i hope this will helpful to you at some extent (if you interested more search for “Behavioral tracking”)


They can track the behavior but companies like FB and Google don’t sell phone numbers they sell ads. If they sold phone numbers based on behavior tracking then everyone would’ve been getting alot of spams.