Doubt on abritage trades in cash segment of BSE and NSE

Suppose I have rs100 per abc company share dhaving 100 shares in demat account.

Now in NSE I will sell it at rs100 of 100 shares. As I had shares in demat it won’t be short selling.

Now in BSE I will buy back at rs98 of 100 shares. As there is difference in price of NSE and BSE.
I will earn an profit of rs2 per share. . that’s rs200 profit.

My doubt is will the buy and sale be interday or delivery.

Also even if I don’t have shares in demat can I short in NSE and buy back in BSE to cover my position and earn profit also.

I’m still an student and now FNO is costly and I can’t do FNO and cash abritage trades.

This will be considered as intraday trade.

You won’t be able to Short in NSE and square-off your position in BSE. What you can do is place an MIS buy order in one exchange and an MIS short order in the other. However, by the end of the trading day, both these trades are required to be squared off individually on each exchange.

What if I use NRML???..this is just info
If NRML is there for cash,then I will sell it in BSE using NRML and I will buy it in NSE using NRML at same time…
So at T+2 day’s I have stock in my account for my sell order. And I will not default also. All I need to do is keep extra margin as I won’t do early pay in of securities

NRML is product type used in F&O. In equity segment it is CNC. You can learn more about this here.

You cannot Short Sell using CNC, you’ll need to have shares in your holdings to sell in CNC. Also in India, you cannot Short Sell in equity segment overnight.

Mostly this will be more like intraday trading. You also have to check for intraday charges and terms before doing so. Every order in intraday has some charges to be executed. Check that with your broker before conclusions.