Doubt on margin required on exiting call option in loss

I had bought a put NIFTY17AUG9500PE (Qty : 300) @ 23.00, two days back , which is in loss of 3000 after todays closing. But when i wanted to exit my position in loss of 3000 , the sell order was rejected with below reason.
“rms:margin exceeds,required:155595.23, available:86210.79 for entity account-zw7844 across exchange across segment across product”

My doubt is why is so much margin (155595.23) required for exiting/ selling this option which i already own, and when loss is only 3000.

Thanks in advance

If you’re exiting an already held position, you don’t need to have additional margins.

I’m guessing that you may already have placed a limit order to exit the position which could be pending to get executed which is why the second order to exit the position asks for additional margins, since the system considers it to be an order for a fresh position.