Doubt regarding Currency segment


I see as per Indian regulations we are allowed to trade the Currency until 5 PM. But, Here is my doubt,

Let’s say, I bought 1 USDINR at 73 (delivery), and until 5 PM IST, the prices go down to 72.9, and Post 5 PM, the USDINR price goes up to 75 where other countries trading the same currency. Now, Will, it impacts my current holdings? or The price will just start where it ends in India?

The next day when trading resumes again, the price may either open higher or lower than where it closed the previous day.

Thank you for your reply. So, does it consider trading in the International Market?

what happens in international market does have effect on prices… this is when on next day price might open higher or lower than where it closed on previous day… just take where usdinr closed in thursday and where it opened on friday… that should give you can idea…

Thank you so much for the clarification.