Doubt regarding delivery based trades

uppose I have 1000 shares of stock XYZ bought at Rs 100 each in my demat account. In couple of days the price climbs to Rs 105, and I sell 200 shares of XYZ from my demat holding at 09:45AM in the morning at price of Rs 105, but the same day later at 10:00AM I again buy 200 shares of XYZ at Rs 105 as CNC order with intention to take delivery, will this be counted as intraday short trade ? What will be the effect on my holding status ?

Or if I buy 200 shares of XYZ the next day will it be considered a STBT (sell today and buy tomorrow) transaction ?

@Bull4life (1)you sold first and bought later same day OR you buy first and sell later same day will be an intraday transaction since no delivery involved . brokerage and expenses will be charged accordingly.
(2) yes it will be STBT transaction and delivery from your demat will be removed and later credited .

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