Doubt regarding Position Average price

Sorry for being lazy to dig the user manual of Zerodha Kite using Google Chrome browser . But if someone can explain me following, it would be really great.

The average price in positions shows average price of all buyings for the day. Is n’t right to show average buying price only for open positions. Looks like its taking even squared off positions.

Another request : It would be great if you can show exact system time including seconds and remaining time to close a candle.

Thanks in advance. Being a Techie, liked awesome HTML5 UI.

The profit or loss shown on Kite under the positions tab is considering all your trades in that stock/contract on that day until that point.

The reason for this is, this will give a clear overview as to what your P&L is for your trades in that particular scrip for that day.

Would there be a use case? You might as well view the time on your PC or mobile to keep track.

Thanks Saralayare !

Showing average of open positions would right thing as it would give trader exact number for baseline to help squaring off at given time. Now the average is not helping me much.

Regarding the showing of system time, I was wrong in wording. What I wanted to say was a countdown timer for candle duration. For example if I am in 5 min chart, it would be great to show how much time left to close the candle. Thus helping in guessing end candle shape.

My new item in the wish list would be to show exact cumulative amount that would be debited/credited after deductions.

We will look into the possibilities.

You can get a rough estimate using the brokerage calculator. The contract note has this as well. We’re also looking into the possibilities of showing this on Kite.