Doubts reagarding Open Interest data!

@nithin I am posting this query here instead of kite developer forum because my doubt is not related to APIs or anything technical .

I am getting Open Interest data for the contracts that i am interested in using kite developer APIs.
My doubt is how delayed the data will be . My guess is calculating OI data is quite tricky and there might be some delay.
( maybe brokerages will be updating their OI to NSE at regular intervals and the NSE will come up with the net OI at regular intervals )

My query it,
If i get the Open interest data for Bank Nifty 26,100 call at 1.00PM , possibly what is the latest data i will get ?
Like the data we get is 5 minutes delayed or 15 mins delayed .

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I had answered a similar question earlier

The only way to get to know the real OI is only after market close.


Thanks nithin …
Anyway its good that we are getting OI data now , will try to experiment. :+1: