Doubts regarding intraday trading

Today, without intending to, I bought 1 share of Titan under CNS. How can I convert it to intraday order and sell. Please advise.

Just sell

No need to convert to intraday

But taxes will be as per intraday

Thanks for the prompt reply. Normally, I place only cover orders and when I want to close I just exit from the pending page, hence this doubt - Since I bought it under CNS, do I have to sell it under CNS or MIS.

Doesn’t matter how u bought or sold
WHEN u bought or sold only matters

CNC sold on same day is treated as intraday for all purposes

Only difference will be the amount of margin blocked at time of buying. & taxation

For intraday, margins are much lower, but tax is higher I believe, exact figures on zerodha website

Once again thanks

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If you buy it in CNC, then you have to sell it in CNC itself. You have to always match order in the same product type - CNC is matched with CNC and MIS is matched with MIS.

If you Buy in CNC and sell in MIS and you don’t do anything after that, then both the positions will be open - your MIS position will get squared off at 3.20pm and your CNC position will move into T1 quantity in your Demat.