DP charges of 15.5/ selling was not informed earlier

Initially, the coordination from Zarodha never informed about 15.5 DP charges. It’s only after checking the ledger I realized, I remember repeatedly asking if there will be any charges during buying/selling apart from the brokerage which was never informed.
If I sell 10 stocks of company A and 5 of company B in a day, what would be the total DP charges on it?
Can I shift my portfolio from Zerodha to a Bank?

All the charges have been mentioned here - zerodha.com/charges. DP charges are applicable only for shares that are debited from your demat account, they aren’t applicable for intraday and BTST trades.
What are DP charges and why are they charged?

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Demat charges are charged by all brokers and and happens when stocks move OUT of your Demat Account.

15.5 seems to be rock bottom price at the moment.

DP charges are charged for each SCRIP Title per day , irrespective of how many qty or how many multiple times you sell it with multiple sell orders during a day.

In the above Scenario, you will be paying DP charges for company A and Company B @ 15.5 each Totaling to 31 INR.

Its only going to get worse, since some banks charge 100+ as their DP charges and other Brokerage charges.

Your are better off doing your investments with Zerodha in India at the moment.

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Hope this clarifies

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But aren’t banks more reliable?

Thank you for the clarifications