DP charges on delivery based trading not appearing on P&L Reports


I am not seeing the DP charges in the P&L Reports and also not seeing in the TAX P&L report. Could someone please advice why it is missing. There is a charge of around Rs.15 for every sell that we do on delivery based trades. Thank you.

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you can find that in ledger.

Thank you sir.
So i shall calculate manually and then subtract it from my P&L while tax calculation and filing.

till we don’t find these charges in a single report, it is to be done manually,

take help from CLEARTAX, just enter your p&l & expenses, you get your tax liability calculated.

Can we have all charges in p&l please? It is already so confusing. What’s the reason it’s not in pnl? Does zerodha want to hide the slippages so that we think we are not losing much? @nithin

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Will have this sorted soon. @Bhuvan can u make a note.

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Will do.

Any update on this? @nithin

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You can download the P&L and refer to the other credits and debits sheet.

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@Bhuvan I can’t see any charges . It is always zero in other credit tab.

Where can I check DP charges paid by me?

Hey, I see the charges are showing up fine for your account. The other debits and credits shows up only for the period you have generated the P&L for. If there are no charges posted to your ledger during the selected period, the amount will be 0.