Dp charges on different exchange on same day

Day 1: I buy 20 shares ONGC at 160 on NSE.
Day 5: I sell 10 shares ONGC at 165 on BSE and 10 shares at 165.5 at NSE.
What will be my DP charges for day 5?
Will it be considered single debit or double debit?.
Is Dp debit charges 15 RS or 30 rs. For day 5?

DP charges has no relevance with day . since the sell transaction was executed by 2 instructions the charges will be for 2 entries.

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The DP charges at Zerodha are Rs. 13.5 per scrip + 18% GST (irrespective of quantity), on the day, is debited from the DEMAT account when stocks are sold. So you’ll be charged 13.5 per script + 18% GST i.e, Rs 15.93
You can check your ledger in Q for the debit and credit statements.