DP Charges or Intraday Charges

Suppose we have 10 shares in holding of xyz company more than 2 days. Today I buy 20 same company share and sell all 30 shares the same day… how the calculation would be?

  1. DP charges for 10 shares and Intraday Charges for 30 or

  2. DP charges for all 40 shares

Please suggest.
Thank you

DP charges will be applied only for 10 shares, while Intraday charges will be applied only on 20 shares which you Bought and Sold on same day.

Thank You @ShubhS9.

And can you please guide me in which statement I can see these charges?
Coz In contract note…
Nothing is mentioned.

Thank you in advance.

All charges can be seen in Contract note except for DP Charges, which you can see on account statement page after T+2 days.

Really Helpful.
Thanks a lot @ShubhS9