Dr Reddy share price

I have purchased an stock of Dr Reddy
I am expecting Dr Reddy 4200 March PE so guys is it worth to hold or should I sell or wait because I can see last 1 month there shares are falling and there vaccination of Sputnik V is still not approved in india

It completely depends upon your prediction. If vaccine approved it’s price will go up and if not then it will go down. It’s completely your call based on your knowledge. This Forum Doesn’t allow to give Buy/Sell Recommendation on stocks.

disastrous question.

But since, you ask , my view is 50 - 50.

:grinning: i could have avoided answering, but i really want to give an opinion.

That’s a tough question. Keep ur position sizes small to sleep better. I personally don’t bet that much on immediate direction and lose sleep… I mostly sell covered calls and average stock on lower monthly supports across the year(cpr).