E-Instructions - DIS Slip

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ICICI demat account has an option of providing e-instructions to transfer securities from one demat account to another demat account.

Will Zerodha come up such feature so that we can avoid the hassle of physically sending the DIS Slip?

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Hey Augustus, not in the immediate future. We ll keep you posted if we intend to offer something similar.

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It’s better not to offer such exotic services, mirroring ICICI Securities. I believe such services can potentially be security risks for individual account holders, in case of Digital Identity Theft.

I, a Zerodha customer for many years now, would not prefer such services to be provided by Zerodha even in distant future.

Hi… in ICICI demat account you can transfer the shared only to your linked demat account with the same PAN number … it is like transferring security to an added beneficiary…

Third party transfers are not permitted … so IMO it is pretty safe…

Then what if you want transfer your shares to another person? not the same form?

That can be a physical DIS…

Zerodha does not office or collection centers in major cities, so you will have to sign and send your DIS through a courier company. There is a risk of loss of the DIS and if the same gets into wrong hands a potential fraud opportunity…

All Delivery Instructions slips have to be processed by the DP. Before processing, we ensure to call/email the customer on the registered details available with us seeking telephonic/email confirmation after which the slip is processed. So unless someone has gained unauthorized access to your phone/email, very little chance of fraud occurring unless the DP wants to commit fraud themselves.


This is really comforting … :+1: to Zerodha