Easy Trading App


To be straight forward I am Developer, I am developing a platform based on Zerodha API…

Here are the few features i am working on.

  1. Automatically show which trades which are going to do well based on certain criteria. Like, pricing going up or down.
  2. Single Buttons to Places Trades with prefilled Data like Target, SL, Trailing etc., comes handy when doing quick entry and exits.
  3. Single Button to Exit from Specific Trade or All Trades, comes in rescue when market is down.

This software is already in development, let me know if you are interested & what features you need? We will try to implement them,

If I can try the software I can point out the required features.

Got a demo version ready?

My team have already developed an algo trading web software. If you need any help please let me know.

@nvs74191 Demo is not yet ready, we are just working on basic functionalities.

@girishmathur Do you have any website for the software to check?