ECS facility for Coin?

I bought few direct mutual funds through SIP mode.
But what I observed is monthly SIP is being debited from Zerodha account instead from my bank account and I understand why it is so.
So, is there any way, something like ECS facility, so that funds can be auto debited from my bank account to Zerodha account (Coin here) so that SIPs are not missed by chance if I don’t maintain sufficient funds?

Please let me know…

We are working on this. In the meanwhile, you can set up a standing instruction to schedule transfers from your bank to your Zerodha trading account. Check this post for more

Hi, Can we create a standing instruction to Zerodha Trdaing account from citibank?

Hey Dilip, yes you definitely can. You can contact your RM at the bank or CITI bank customer support. Its likely you have to submit a filled form, or maybe even do it online.