Eicher Motors Stock split clarification

i bought 1 share of eicher motor on 21/Aug (friday). am i eligible for stock split ? (ex date : 24th aug , record date : 25 aug)

You have bought it before ex-date, so you are eligible.

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in breakdown its showing reduced share price

in trade book its showing i bought it for 21,767

its confusing, i am not able to understand what is happening

When Stock Split happens price of share reduces, Eicher Motors stock split from Face Value of 10 to Face Value of 1, so for every 1 share you held of Eicher Motors before ex-date you will receive 10 shares.

ha i bought 1 share on 21 (T) for 21,767 they should have allotted 10 share of reduced price by now right?

The credit of shares isn’t instant, it takes time. Record Date was yesterday, so it can take 5-6 more days for credit to happen.

ohh okay okay