ELSS mutual fund is free from coin subscription charges?

How much and how long the ELSS mutual fund is free from coin subscription charges ?
I have seen it on coin app

Yep, it is. We will be announcing this tomorrow.

Humble appreciation for this

Nithin, Could you please confirm whether subscription charges are waived on ELSS or not irrespective of any cap like as that of MF it’s 25000? Apart from app description on play store, I am not able to find any other place around this point.

Yep, no subscription fee will be applicable on ELSS investments even your total investment crosses 25K. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have bought axis bank long term equity .So I want to know how much time it takes to generate the statement for the same .

Assuming that you have received the allotment, you can download the statement. Here’s how to.

No , I have placed it today so I’ll get the allotment tomorrow.
Is there any other verification from axis banks side ?? Or I can download the statement which I might get on Wednesday and directly submit it to the finance department?


You can download the statement tomorrow evening.

Thank you @Bhuvan