End of SGX Nifty!


“we” the idiotic peasants were never in the picture.

Some intelligent leader wanted to arm twist SGX and move all overseas business to a new building called GIFT in Gujarat that would have been a gift to Elites who in turn wud finance (gift) & extend the supreme leader’s political journey.


True, but what to do/?
Our silly govt is frustrating.
As much as I love this country, and hence stayed back even when I had the oppurtunity to leave to the US, I get frustrated everytime I look around.

Kya kare? :slight_smile:
But yes, what you said is right, and that’s why I’m still in India.


Probably the only reason. I remember a dialogue from movie “Pele: The making of a legend” where one of the team mates of Pele says:

- My whole life all I ever wanted was to be European. Since we’ve got here, I realize that I’m Brazilian and always will be.


True, and look how it backfired.
Our govt just takes growth for granted, instead of respecting it as a resource.

These guys in Delhi need a bad shake-up in the upcoming elections, to wake them up!


I think SGX nifty futures will continue , but as they said , it seems that , sgx nifty future will be based on EOD of NIFTY 50 , which is available publicly , but i think popularity of this SGX NIfty future depends on FII’s , and also interesting thing is that , Singapore Govt Sovereign Fund Teamasek has large investment in Indian stock market . SGX nifty future is mainly driven by tax evading FII’s . I think we no need to blame Indian Govt, but if one has to blame , its the SEBI doing all the wrong thing. One thing i am hoping for is , re-introduction of Nifty Mini contracts .


As if you had choice.


The court asked SGX to issue a press release stating that it will withhold the launch of the new contracts till the case is decided by the arbitrator. In case the exchange wishes to launch fresh products, other than the ones disputed, it will have to issue a seven-day notice to the NSE.
( https://www.bloombergquint.com/law-and-policy/2018/05/29/bombay-high-court-bars-sgxs-india-contracts-till-arbitration-is-complete )
It seems that NSE has won the battle and it ensures introduction of long trading Hours!!!