Enter Valid Price Error While Selling


I bought 5200 shares at 1.66 price and now i tried place sell order at limit price of 1.7 but i am getting error as “enter valid price”

Why is this??


hElLO tRaDeR,

What is the current Market price ?

You might be trying to enter a limit price above its daily circuit range.

For info on circuit range, check your snap quote window.

Keep us updated.

I have entered bellow circuit limit for the day
today upper limit is 1.72, i entered value as 1.7
you can check the limit for script BSE: 533239.

two weeks before i bought 2500 shares at 1.8
and again yesterday bought 3200 at 1.55
now i tried to place sell limit at 1.7 for 5200 shares its showing error

2 lots:
Try placing an limit order for 2500 first under CNC and see if it goes through ?

I tried for first 2500, getting same error,
But in my holdings both order clubbed and showing 5200 order with avg price of 1.66

Looks complicated, time to call up your brokers helpline

Okay Thank You

Keep us updated on how it was solved. Thanks

Its solved actually the second i bought shares are not converted to normal order so i am not able to sell them, they are all will convert T+2 means trading day plus two days… after that i am able to sell… Thanks for the help

Good to know. Great