Entering trades at desired prices only


Suppose Auropharma futures is trading at 780, and I want to buy at 790, what is the best way to execute this by filling in a trigger price at 790 ? Am I allowed to keep a trigger entry price for long above current trading price which is lower ?

Use GTT order

That is not allowed for futures trading.

@siva @velu @vishnux @Intraday_trader @samsingh Anyone would help here.

You must need some API to trigger , @samsingh too was looking for this , He may help you if he gets any solution.

Ok, what if I enter SL order to buy futures at 790 if it is trading at 780 now ? Will it trigger at 790 only or will get executed immediatley ?

use SL-M order … Trigger price as 790

Won’t a slm at a higher price be immediately executed as current price is better ? One can’t put triggers at prices above current price for futures I guess ? @vishnux @velu

Can check this, one can use SL order in this case, keep trigger buy at 790, can use both limit and market trigger.

As simple as using a SL order type…

Thanks @siva
@SharanR This might be useful to us.

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780 is better price than 790 for Buy order , So SL order will trigger immediately … I might be wrong , can someone confirm me ?

@siva Can u confirm ?

No, using sl one can place above market for buy and viceversa for sell, it will only trigger when the price reaches.

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In SL-M if we are buying then trigger price should be always higher than the current price .
If trigger price is lower than ltp then order will be extruded immediately ( some terminals throw error in this case )

Yea Correct @samsingh , Imagine I have open SELL position at average price - 100 ,If I create new SL BUY position at 120 , It wont trigger till it reaches there.

I think same logic like Cover order , One SL order for stoploss , Another Sl order for Target.

But I think SL-M buy Order triggers immediately if you keep trigger price below current LTP and vice versa.

So if one has to short a future at 97 and currently it is trading at 100, how can I enter a trigger price to short at 97 only ? If suppose I enter sl-m at 97, it probably would get executed immediately right ? I have the same question @vishnux

@siva pl help

you can use only SL order for that …It can be above or below price…

If you need guaranteed fill like market order … keep trigger price at 97 and price at 96 … depends on liquidity.

In this case enter sl sell order with trigger at 97. Also read more on the article I have given above, try few trades on equities first with 1 share, once you are comfortable then only use on futures.

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