Entry to Money management business

@nithin since you have decade long experience in this business and currently also running an AMC. if you don’t mind could you give some advice to me as to how to get ino this insdustry and apart from good track record what are the other ways to build the credibility in the industry and more importantly where to get started.

The easiest compliant way is to become an RIA and get a bunch of customers and build trust. Maybe post that think of getting a PMS license.


are there any intermediary/brokers which could help me connect with prospective HNI clients.

You will have to build a track record for that again. Maybe start blogging somewhere or sharing on social media on what you wish to buy/sell, so it is documented and time stamped. You don’t need to be an RIA to do this. This potentially can act like a track record in the future.

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okay , btw apart from that can my personal trade history for eg. reports from console be good for this purpose since these would be my actual performance which is what matters at last.

yep, that will also help.

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regarding this, can the calls be reverse engineered and therefore cracked? what might be the pros or cons for the person giving the calls?! @nithin i am thinking of doing it but skeptical.

Hmm… reverse engineered to figure the strategy? It is almost impossible to do that. Even if someone does, strategy has to evolve right? There is never one that works for too long.

If you are trading for yourself and no money management ambitions, you don’t have to. But if you do, you need to build a track record and a following.